A living room with a mounted TV
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Things You're Doing Wrong When Mounting Your TV
If the TV is too low, it’ll be hard to see from where you sit. If it is too high, you'll have to sit with your neck at an uncomfortable angle as you watch it.
Aim to position the middle of your screen about 42 inches off the floor at eye level. This should help you avoid having to contort your neck in order to see the screen.
No Wooden Studs
Hollow wall anchors don’t offer sufficient support and may cause your TV to fall, so mounting it into wooden studs is essential.
Use a stud finder to locate the studs in the wall, mark their location with painter's tape or a pencil, measure for the correct height, then drill the pilot holes into the studs.
Sunlight And Glare
Sunlight in the room can create a glare, making the screen hard to see. To prevent this, avoid putting your TV across from west-facing windows.
Consider holding the unit where you plan to hang it to simulate viewing. Doing so at various times of the day will let you see how changing light affects the picture.
Above The Fireplace
A TV mounted above a fireplace will be too high to be at a comfortable viewing angle. It also isn’t a good place to put the electronic device itself.
The heat generated from a fire can make the TV warmer, which can decrease its usable lifespan. Ash and soot may also get into the television and damage its various components.
Cable Management
If you have wires and cables running all up and down the wall around your mounted TV, your goal of a tidy living space isn't going to be realized.
Use an in-wall cable management system to run all the power cords and cable connections down through the wall to keep them out of sight, or a cord cover to conceal wires.