Lavender plants in a garden
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Think Twice Before Growing These Plants With Lavender
Hostas like water and shade, so they're great as border plants and in shady nooks. Hostas will scorch in full sun, but lavender wilts and struggles to survive in the shade.
Mint requires much more water than lavender normally likes. It can also overtake a fledgling lavender plant, depriving it of nutrients and light.
These plants need more water than lavender and love shade. Ferns would die quickly in lavender's preferred bright sun, and lavender would rot in humid, shady conditions.
These pretty blooms need shadier areas than lavender. They will wilt quickly in full sun and their love of moist soil makes it hard for lavender and impatiens to coexist.
Hydrangeas love water and won't tolerate the drought conditions that lavender can. Plus, the growth of these two bushy plants can mean competing for space quickly.