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Think Twice Before Installing Butcher Block Countertops On Your Own
Butcher block is an attractive update to any kitchen, bringing in a high-end look and a damage-resistant ability, but it may not be something you'd want to install on your own.
As several square feet of solid hardwood of two to 12 inches thickness, butcher block is too heavy and often requires two or three strong people
to lift and properly position.
Sold in solid slabs, the butcher block needs to be tooled and cut to fit the specific measurements
of your kitchen. It also requires expensive power tools, skills, and experience.
Though installing butcher block on your own can be free, it'll still be expensive due to additional time requirements, necessary tools purchase, and potentially costly mistakes.
While a butcher block installation can cost anywhere from $5 to $15
per square foot, that may
be a small price to pay for a perfectly installed countertop that fits your kitchen.