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Think Twice Before Mixing These Cleaning Products With Vinegar
Vinegar can be an excellent tool to have in your cleaning cupboard, but it can become ineffective at best and potentially dangerous at worst when combined with other ingredients.
This lethal combination will create chlorine gas, which can cause problems with your breathing and even respiratory distress if inhaled in high enough quantities.
A lot of cleaners, especially if they are formulated for a bathroom or made to remove stains from laundry, contain bleach. Vinegar should not be mixed with these products, either.
Hydrogen Peroxide
Mixing vinegar and hydrogen peroxide creates a substance called peracetic acid, which can cause respiratory and eye irritation, skin burns, and lung damage.
Baking Soda
Unlike other ingredients on this list, you'll be pleased to hear that pairing vinegar and baking soda together isn't dangerous.
However, it is an essentially useless combination. When mixed together, vinegar and baking soda neutralize each other and lose their individual cleaning properties.