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Think Twice Before Painting Your Kitchen Cabinet A Dark Color
If seeing deep blue kitchen cabinets on HGTV makeovers and Instagram pics has inspired you, you should know that buyers prefer lighter colors if you are planning to sell your home.
"Dark colors are too much of a commitment for most buyers," says real estate agent Jennifer Leahy, who feels buyers will be put-off by the future expense of changing the color.
For a resale of your home, choosing what will appeal to the most buyers is best. Even assuming the cost of repainting your kitchen is better than continuing to turn off buyers.
Of course, your chosen color also depends on when you plan to sell. Painting the cabinets now only to repaint them in six months to attract buyers isn't desirable.
If you're planning on staying in your home for years, you can consider going with blue kitchen cabinets. You can always update them down the road to what buyers are demanding.