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Think Twice Before Planting This Popular Ground Cover In Your Yard
Japanese pachysandra is a popular ground cover in U.S. gardens due to its resilience in poor soil and shady areas and its ability to remain evergreen throughout
the year.
However, it is highly invasive and can quickly dominate a garden, spreading beyond its boundaries and outcompeting native plants by depriving them of essential nutrients and light.
Its aggressive nature is exacerbated by its rhizomatic root system, making it difficult to eradicate since any remaining piece of the underground stem can regrow into a new plant.
Maintaining Japanese pachysandra requires constant pruning to prevent its uncontrollable growth. Ultimately, it’s best to steer clear of it to protect other plants in your yard.
If this ground cover is already present in your garden, herbicides like glyphosate can be effective, but they carry significant environmental risks and can harm nearby plants.
For a safer approach, you can try manually removing as much of the plant as possible and using a homemade weed killer made with ingredients such as vinegar, salt, or baking soda.