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Think Twice Before Reaching For These Common Cleaning Products
Glass Cleaner
Glass cleaners are an unnecessary cost that can harm your health. You're better off making an eco-friendly glass cleaner that will be cheaper and less toxic.
Oven Cleaner
Most ovens also have a built-in self-clean feature that will clean your oven without any unnecessary and potentially toxic chemicals.
Dusting Spray
Not only are dusting sprays unnecessary for a good clean, but they can also cause waxy build-up that will leave a film over your furniture and a greasy feel.
Drain Cleaner
Proceed with caution when using drain cleaner – pouring multiple types down the drain at once can create a dangerous reaction. Instead, use baking soda and vinegar.
Floor Cleaner
Your floor cleaner is likely just as effective as soap and water. Unless your floor is made of a material that needs a specific cleaner, you may be better without it.