Man mowing his lawn with push mower
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Think Twice Before Trying This Dangerous Lawn Mowing Technique
Pulling a push mower backward is a dangerous lawn mowing technique that should be avoided. Firstly, it increases the likelihood of severe injuries to the user.
As the mower and its rapidly spinning blades move toward the feet of the user, there is a heightened risk of lacerations, even with protective barriers in place.
Secondly, this technique limits the ability of the user to see behind or beside them, increasing the risk of tripping over obstacles, slipping on wet grass, or falling into holes.
This could result in the mower being pulled onto the user. Additionally, this mowing method poses a significant risk to small children, particularly those under the age of 5.
Children can quickly move into the path of the mower without the adult noticing, especially given the loud noise of the machine, which can mask the sound of a child approaching.
This is compounded if the adult is wearing hearing protection. Accidentally knocking over a child while mowing backward can lead to serious mower-related injuries.