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This Backsplash Mistake Will Make Your Kitchen Look Dated
A kitchen’s backsplash creates a bold look to enhance the space's overall theme, while protecting your kitchen wall from inevitable cooking mishaps, grease splatters, and smoky film. Having the wrong type of backsplash can make your kitchen harder to clean, while also causing it to look dated.
A short backsplash that is only a few tiles high might’ve been popular a few decades ago, but is now tired and impractical. Shiny tiles in porcelain and glass can easily brighten a kitchen, as they reflect a lot of light, and are easy to clean, which makes them more favorable than matte tiles.
The installation of full slabs of stone, such as marble mounted vertically as backsplashes on walls, brings charm and rustic elegance to a kitchen. However, Homedit notes it is porous as well, so splashes, spills, and stains should be cleaned as soon as possible.