Person holding up one Runnen wooden slack from Ikea
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This Beyond Easy Ikea Bath Mat DIY Will Totally Elevate Your Bathroom
Use the Runnen outdoor decking tiles to create a unique bath mat. Not only
do they look good, but the Runnen tiles are also an
ideal choice for a humid, indoor space.
Priced at $39.99 for a pack
of nine, these tiles are very durable because they're designed for outdoors.
Best of all, no tools are required and they’re available in five colors.
TikTok user @watchsharesave used six tiles clicked together for her bath mat. If you have an awkwardly shaped bathroom, you can cut the tiles to shape.
The flooring underneath the mat can become damp due to the water dripping through, but if you make sure to regularly air the mat and area underneath, this shouldn't be an issue.