Person laying large area of square cobblestones
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This Brilliant Patio Stone DIY Will Totally Transform Your Backyard
If you’re looking to extend your patio by revamping an empty yard space, and the antique cobblestone look appeals to you, this budget-friendly DIY hack could be a perfect fit.
To make the stones, you’ll need quart-sized Ziploc bags, sand, and cement — smaller glow-in-the-dark stones are optional. A broom, a mixing tool, and a bucket are also required.
Prepare the ground by raking and leveling. Lay out empty Ziploc bags to work out how many you’ll need, then mix the cement, adding water to the bucket first to prevent sticking.
Keep stirring and adding water to the cement mix until it falls easily off the mixing tool. Fill each bag between ½ and ¾ full, and fold the open end of the plastic underneath.
Smooth and mold the filled bags into squarish shapes as you lay them onto your new patio area. If you’re adding the glow stones, slit the bags and push them into the wet cement.
After about 48 hours, when the concrete is dry, cut the bags open and remove the plastic. Fill the gaps with sand, then sweep off any excess to reveal your charming new patio.