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This Clever Hack Will Remove Water Rings From Your Wood Tables
Water rings are not only annoying, but they’re also difficult to avoid and remove. Luckily, we have a super easy and quick hack to make the water ring disappear, and the best part is that you most likely have the item you need sitting in your home.
If you have a fresh, new water stain on your wooden table, go grab your hair dryer. The first step is to set your hair dryer to its highest setting, then hold it a couple of inches away from the stain, and move it around the area of the water ring until it starts to vanish.
If you’ve tried the hair dryer method and the water ring still isn’t budging, it’s time to use a microfiber cloth and buff the stain in a circular motion, while still applying heat from the dryer. When you no longer notice the water stain, use a coat of furniture polish to make your furniture look brand new.