Pink dahlia in full bloom
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This Clever Trick Will Keep Your Cut Dahlias Fresher For Longer
Cut dahlias typically last for three to five days, but if you're looking to keep them fresher for an extended period, TikTok user @eastolivia has shared a hack worth trying.
First, strip any greenery from the stems, particularly below the water line. Then, using a clean pair of shears, cut the stems at a 45-degree angle beneath the water line.
Next, line a clean vase with paper towels to protect the petals from steam. Pour a few inches of hot water into the vase and place the cut dahlias inside.
Once the water cools to room temperature, move the dahlias to a new vase filled with fresh water and some flower food. Now, you can arrange the flowers to your liking and enjoy.
It's advised to steer clear of both boiling and cold water. For best results, use warm water between 80-110 degrees Fahrenheit, and cut flowers in the morning or early evening.