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This DIY Toilet Accessory Will Take Your Bathroom To The Next Level
A decorative tray on the back of your toilet provides a useful platform to hold extra toilet paper, magazines, flowers, or candles, and it makes the bathroom look more organized.
TikTok user @johndolechek demonstrates how to DIY a tray customized to your toilet tank lid. First, trace the shape of the lid on a slim wood plank so the tray will fit it exactly.
Then, cut out the shape, as well as a strip of wood to attach to the back of the tray to secure it behind the lid. Finally, sand the wood, stain it, and apply a protective finish.
For those without woodworking skills or tools, an even easier way to make a tray is to upcycle a stylish wooden wine or gift box of similar size to your toilet tank.
Alternatively, simply buy a readymade serving or vanity tray, like the MyGift rustic gray wood toilet tank vanity organizer for $28 or Amazon’s bamboo tray for about $23.