Removing clogged lint trap from dryer
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This Dollar Tree Hack Will Make Cleaning Your Dryer Lint Trap Easier
Keep your dryer running smoothly by cleaning the lint trap after every load. Instead of using a dryer lint brush that costs over $8, get a Dollar Tree baby bottle brush for $1.25.
Baby bottle brushes work just as well as purpose-made dryer lint brushes. They can get into the narrow vent that holds the lint trap and remove the lint that’s often stuck there.
First, take the lint trap out of your dryer, pull or vacuum off most of the lint, and set the trap aside. Next, insert the brush into the vent and pull out the lint in clumps.
You can also use the brush to scrub the lint and soap residue off the lint trap screen using hot water and dish soap. Then, rinse and dry the trap and put it back in the dryer.