A jar of Vaseline petroleum jelly
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This Easy Vaseline Hack Will Leave
Your Bathroom Fixtures
To make your bathroom fixtures ultra-shiny with Vaseline, first, grab a clean, soft cloth so that no abrasive particles interfere with the cleaning process and cause scratches.
Dip the cloth in Vaseline and gently rub it over your bathroom fixtures. You can also apply Vaseline directly to soap scum, let it sit for a few minutes, and clean it with a cloth.
Apply by aiming for a light, consistent spread, and avoid applying to fixtures like bathtub and shower floors that constantly interact
with water to prevent
unwelcome slipperiness.
As a derivative of petroleum, Vaseline acts as a protective shield that guards the fixtures against potential water-induced harm,
staving off rust or wear.
The natural sheen of Vaseline also lends a fresh, polished look to enhance the visual charm of your bathroom fixtures while keeping them cleaner and scum-free.