A woman hanging a piece of artwork on the wall
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This Genius Dental Floss Hack Makes Hanging Wall Art A Breeze
Using dental floss to hang artworks is a surefire solution, especially if you find a particular piece's hanging hardware is broken or insufficient for keeping things on the wall.
Install two hooks, penny nails, or small screws in the frame on each side of the art piece, placing them ⅓ to ¼ of the way down to allow it to hang flush against the wall.
Secure a piece of dental floss around one side by wrapping or knotting. With sufficient slack to hang on the nail, tie the other end to the opposite side of the hardware.
With a tensile strength of 25 pounds, most nylon dental floss will do the job. Unlike wires, it's easier on the walls and prevents scratching the paint job if the piece is bumped.