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This Gorgeous Entryway Table DIY Is Perfect For Beginners
An entryway table can make your home’s foyer stand out and help you fully utilize that space. Instead of a store-bought table, try making this attractive but inexpensive piece.
Create this sturdy table by layering several 2 x 4 boards, which can be bought from any home improvement store; Home Depot sells 10-foot-long boards for about $5 each.
TikTok user @therehablife demonstrated a method to create this table by simply layering boards and using an electric screwdriver or wood glue to attach them.
Set the first layer, connecting one longer tabletop board piece to two leg pieces. Continue stacking these layers until you have the table size you want.
For a natural wood aesthetic, apply a wood stain, like the popular Varathane Premium Fast Dry Wood Stain, or use matte paint to mask the layered style of your table.