Kitchen sink with marble countertop
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This Gorgeous Kitchen Countertop Material Will Be All The Rage in 2024
When it comes to countertops, homeowners have been shying away from the luxurious beauty of marble over concerns that it is so easily stained, chipped, and scratched.
Marble is porous, so splashes or spills of wine, juice, and other common liquids can leave stubborn discoloration. Surfaces are also easily damaged due to its relative softness.
Bold marble colors and veining have become more popular, as people prioritize enjoying their spaces over maintaining pristine looks and embrace the way materials change over time.
According to interior designer Laura Williams in Elle Decor, "[Homeowners] are more accepting of 'imperfections' that arise over day-to-day use, [...] to show its 'life stories.'"
Embracing imperfection might be easier with more intense colors that won’t show stains quite so easily. Darker grays, blacks, browns, reds, and greens are ideal for a busy kitchen.
Remember that whichever color you choose, always clean marble with soap and water after contact with raw meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy to prevent germs from seeping into stone.