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This Housekeeper-Approved TikTok Hack Will Keep Your Shower Spotless
If you’re someone who absolutely hates cleaning the shower and wants to take the easy way out, this simple TikTok hack is for you. However, this hack doesn’t work on marble showers as it will damage marble’s porous surface, but it will be fantastic for any other shower. 
TikTok user VanesaAmaro91 is known as the “Queen of Cleaning,” and she’s blessed us with this shower-cleaning shortcut that only requires a few ingredients. Start by filling a refillable dish wand with equal parts Dawn dish soap and vinegar which you can easily use and keep in your shower for cleaning.
To clean, dispense the mixture from the brush around your shower and scrub, letting it sit for a little before rinsing. Dawn and vinegar are amazing at removing soap scum because the soap cuts through greasy grime while vinegar prevents the growth of mold and bacteria.