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This IKEA Gadget Is A Stylish And Useful Addition To Your Home Decor
Priced at only about $3, the Krubbet phone holder from IKEA is an affordable accessory that helps prevent the stress of misplacing your phone by designating a specific spot for it.
Shaped like a tiny wire chair, this stand allows you to prop your phone either vertically or horizontally at three different angles and accommodates phone charging while in use.
This versatile holder can be utilized in various rooms to hold your phone while you perform different tasks like cooking, working, crafting, or watching makeup tutorials.
Made from black powder-coated steel, the Krubbet 4-inch by 4-inch stand can also be repurposed as a charging station for multiple devices or a holder for
remote controllers.
It can also serve as a decoration stand for mini sculptures, stuffed animals, books, photos, or potted plants, adding a trendy and whimsical touch to your home decor.