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This IKEA Hack Can Help You
Add Storage Behind
Your Couch
IKEA is a furniture juggernaut, and without a doubt, the primary draw for IKEA furniture is the savings that consumers can achieve by bringing home flat-packed furniture. Consumers can modify IKEA furniture easily, and this hack will make a BESTÅ storage unit work perfectly behind a couch.
Rather than building the cabinet with typical doors that force the user to approach the storage space from the long side, you can cut down the doors and create a deep storage space. This will provide plenty of closed-off storage space but won't force you to situate it in a prominent location.
A simple alteration to the doors of the unit is all that it takes. Start by following the directions for framing the overall body of the unit, then cut down one of the access doors to fit across the end — rather than its intended side location — so you can access the interior storage space from the end of the unit.