A person holding a bunch of toilet paper rolls
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This IKEA Product Is A Must-Have For Extra Toilet Paper Storage
If you need more space for your extra rolls of toilet paper, consider repurposing IKEA's Variera stainless steel pot lid organizer into a unique toilet paper storage solution.
Available for just under $8 at IKEA, this product is more affordable than the company's toilet paper storage stand, and crucially, it won't take up as much space in your bathroom.
Assemble your organizer, then spray paint it to match your bathroom's aesthetic, or leave it as is in its chic silver color. Next, consider how to hang the organizer on the wall.
You can put nails into the wall and hang the organizer so that the nails are concealed inside the top diamond-shaped opening. You can also use metal hooks or Command strips.
Finally, hang your organizer, making sure that it is fully extended and secure. Then, place rolls of toilet paper on the alternating pegs on each side of your organizer, and voilà.