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This Ikea Rast Hack Will Save You $1,600 On An Anthropology Nightstand
If you want a high-end Anthropology nightstand but are short on budget, try a nifty hack from TikToker @popofcolorproject who turns Ikea Rast dressers into chic nightstands.
Prep the Rast drawers with a coat of primer, then leave it to dry. Meanwhile, craft epoxy resin flowers, which you'll need enough to cover each dresser's three drawers partially.
To create resin flowers, prepare your mixture, pour it into the flower molds, and leave them to set for a time specific to your brand of resin. Then, remove them from the mold.
Arrange the flowers on the drawers, starting from the outer edges and gradually moving inwards. Secure them with glue and apply a smooth, even coat of color using a paint gun.
Finally, attach brass handles and sealant to the painted wood. If you prefer, you can customize the hack using different paint colors or other non-floral molds.