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This Is The Best Time Of Year To List Your House
According to a January 2022, report from Zillow, house inventories plunged even further below an all-time low while home value skyrocketed by 17.7%. They further predicted that the annual growth rate of home value would peak at 20% in February of 2022.
Shedding light on the future, MarketWatch predicted that this growth was most likely to be at its 2022 peak in March and April, and it may drop down towards December. Judging by this data, we strongly believe the best months to list your home this year were March and April, but you should never be afraid to sell in the off-season.
Earlier in the year, economist Danielle Hale said that homes listed in mid-April are more likely to draw a higher buyer interest. However, when everyone targets the same period, it can lead to difficulty in beating the competition.