Chico, California, USA - March 9, 2011 : A 96 ounce plastic jug containing Clorex Bleach for standard and HE washing machines.
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This Is What Happens When You Put Bleach In Your Toilet Tank
When the word cleaning comes to mind, bleach is often thought of because it’s an incredibly handy cleaner that gets rid of bacteria and can be used for nearly anything. However, when it comes to a toilet tank, there are many things to avoid, like blue tablets, Fabuloso, fabric softeners, and, of course, bleach.
You can use bleach to sanitize your toilet bowl, but it’s not recommended to put it inside the tank as it can do some serious damage. Patty Stoffelen from The Home Depot warns that using bleach “can corrode the internal parts of your toilet,” and recommends, “If you are aiming to remove tough stains from the tank, I also recommend white vinegar diluted with water.”
Bob Vila suggests cleaning the toilet tank at least two times a year, and when you do clean it, shut off the water, empty the tank completely, and ensure it’s still in good condition. While they suggest using a disinfectant, they advise against using bleach.