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This Is What
When You Put
Dish Soap In Your Toilet
A handy internet hack from several years ago centered on using dish soap to clean the toilet and even unclog it. While that sounds simple, does it actually work?
Some have brought up potential problems with using dish soap in a toilet, such as some eco-issues and a break down of the rubber seal. According to Master Plumbers CEO Peter Daly, “It's safest to use cleaning products specifically designed for flush toilets," adding that it’s best to “always consider the environment when choosing cleaning products and its [sic] packaging.”
There are also claims that detergent and fabric softener are safe to keep your toilet fresh. However, they could cause a clog, so it may be safest to keep these cleaners away from your toilet.
It turns out that dish soap might also be able to help you around the house in other ways, such as removing grease from fabric and cleaning brushes, jewelry, outdoor furniture and even carpets. Dish soap is safe to use in most instances, as long as you're willing to deal with the potential bubbles.