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This Is What Happens When You Put Fabric Softener In Your Toilet Tank
A popular TikTok video promises your bathroom will smell like clean laundry every time you flush the toilet if you pour a cup of fabric softener into the toilet tank. However, like many social media hacks, this one is too good to be true, and plumbing experts warn that you’ll actually be ruining your septic system.
The problem with this hack is that fabric softener is not water-soluble, especially in cold toilet water. This means that the fatty compounds of the softener will stick and build up on loose pieces and pipes, loosening them and ruining your toilet’s flushing system.
Instead, try a natural solution to help neutralize any bad smells without messing up your toilet system by pouring a cup of distilled white vinegar into your tank. If you still want some kind of pleasant smell in your bathroom, use a candle or air freshener.