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This Is What's Really Causing Your Toilet Bowl Stains
You might be surprised to hear that the toilet isn't the germiest place in the bathroom, but the floor is. However, your toilet still needs regular cleaning to get rid of pesky brown stains that frequently form in your toilet bowl.
The brown stains in your toilet bowl form due to high concentrations of minerals in hard water — like calcium, iron, and manganese — that build up inside the toilet bowl over time. In particular, iron oxide, or rust, is the main problem, and if you don't clean your toilet regularly, these stains will naturally show up and darken over time.
However, a harsh form of acid or vigorous scrubbing can damage your toilet — so, try pouring half a gallon of white vinegar into the bowl to tackle stains on the bottom. If you have rings near the rim, apply a paste of vinegar, borax, and salt, leave it there for half a day, occasionally spray with more vinegar, and finally, gently scrub with a toilet brush, and flush.