Blueberries ready for picking
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This Kitchen Ingredient Will Help Your Blueberry Plant Thrive
After a refreshing morning coffee, save those grounds since they are still chock-full of nutrients like potassium, carbon, and nitrogen — all elements that blueberry plants crave.
The coffee grounds lower the soil pH, creating the acidic, sandy, and loamy soil that blueberries love. They also repel insects and kill slugs due to the caffeine content.
Toss spoonfuls into the ground before planting a new bush, or dilute with water to pour around the base. You can also mix old coffee grounds into your compost or potting soil.
Perform a soil test to avoid too much acidity, and reapply sparingly every two to three months. Don’t apply too often or densely, as it may block water from seeping to the roots.
Keurig K-Cups and other coffee pods work as well. Open up the pods once cooled and use the grounds, but avoid pods with flavorings or additives, like instant cappuccino mixes.