Modern kitchen with sleek dark wood cabinets
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This Old Kitchen Trend
Is Coming
Back And
Erin Napier Approves
In 2024, many homeowners are swapping their overly sleek, painted cabinets for rustic wood options in order to bring a calming charm to their kitchen.
HGTV's Erin Napier enjoys the classic wood look, telling Southern Living, "All the cozy rooms with dark wood make it seem as if you're sitting beside a fire."
Wood cabinets are excellent for those who prefer warm, cozy-looking trends over ultra-modern options, but it’s important to know that new kitchen cabinets are also an investment.
Before you overhaul your kitchen, you should be aware that new kitchen cabinets typically cost anywhere from about $2,000 to over $10,000, with an average price of $6,000.
Not all wood cabinets look the same, making it important to think about which options and looks will best complement your current kitchen and
style preferences.
If you like darker wood cabinets, a walnut finish with clean lines is a nice, sophisticated choice. For something more versatile, hickory in traditional styles is great, too.