A glass walled shower stall
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This Pantry Item Is The Secret To Dazzling Clean Glass Shower Doors
Glass shower doors covered in smudges and fingerprints can be difficult to remove, but you can wipe them clean with black tea to ensure they are streak-free, clear, and shiny.
Black tea contains tannins that stick to the grease and protein, like the oils from your skin, and help easily remove them. Tannins can also help shine objects.
To prepare a black tea cleaning solution, bring a cup of water to a strong, rolling boil. Then, place four bags of black tea, such as Early Grey or English Breakfast, into a mug.
Pour the water over the tea bags and let them steep for at least 10 minutes. The longer you let the tea steep, the stronger it will be and the more tannins the liquid will contain.
Once the tea cools, pour it into a spray bottle, mist the shower doors, and wipe them clean. Alternatively, wet a rag with the tea and wipe the shower doors.