Rainwater overflowing aluminum gutters on a suburban residential colonial style house near Rochester, New York
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This Pool Noodle Hack Will Prove Useful When Cleaning Your Gutters
Gutters should be a high priority when it comes to cleaning, as failing to address them could lead to erosion of your property, pest infestations, a leaky roof, or
a fire hazard.
A problem that tends to occur during cleaning is that the ladder used to climb up there scrapes on your gutters, leaving indentations and becoming unstable to lean on comfortably.
TikTok DIY hack page @hometalk walks viewers through how to ensure your ladder stays steady and safe by using a pool noodle as a buffer against the gutter.
Cut a piece off a pool noodle about a foot long, and slice it down on one side so it’s able to grip. Then, clamp it down on either side of the ladder where it touches the gutter.
This will shield the gutter from any ladder damage and provide some stability for you. Keep some pool noodles handy, as you’ll want to clear your gutters at least twice a year.