A bed bug on a white cover
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This Popular Scent May Be The Key To Banishing Bed Bugs
Bed lugs are on the rise, partly due to their increased resistance to certain pesticides. Luckily, these loathsome pests can be driven away with the scent of citronella.
It's believed that citronella's scent interferes with the pheromones that bed bugs use to help them communicate and find hosts to feed on, forcing them to stay hidden.
If you don’t mind the smell, you can try burning citronella candles in your bedroom at night. The scent might keep the bugs in their hiding places, instead of coming out to feed.
Alternatively, you could use a spray. Mix citronella oil with water and apply the mixture all around the bed, including mattress seams, under outlet covers, and behind baseboards.
In addition to working as a fumigant, a highly concentrated citronella mixture can be sprayed directly onto bed bug eggs to destroy and kill them.