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This Simple Soap Mixture Will Work Wonders On Your Squeaky Floorboards
Edges of two floorboards can sometimes produce a friction-induced squeal when they rub together. Lubricating them with soap enables them to glide past one another with no noise.
Soap is one of the cheapest and most accessible options for lubrication. However, avoid glycerine soap, which attracts and retains moisture and eventually damages
the floorboard.
First, identify the source of the squeal. Ask a helper to walk over the floor while you go beneath the house to look for movement in the boards, underfloor insulation, or joists.
Once you've identified the problematic area, you can either use a soap bar and rub it over the cracks or mix a soap solution with water and apply it to the flooring.
Either way, drive the soap into the gaps with a wrung-out mop, sponge, or cloth, and dry the floor with a towel. Repeat the process if the floorboard is still squeaking.