Rows of lavender in field
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This Technique Will Make Propagating Your Lavender Even Easier
No herb garden is complete without fragrant lavender. Not only is it hardy and cold tolerant, but it’s easy to grow more of for free using a propagation method called layering.
All you need is an already established lavender plant, a sharp blade, and a heavy object such as a rock. First, select a low-growing stem and remove the leaves from the center.
Create slits on the underside of the stem with your blade, then bury it under 1 to 2 inches of damp soil. Cover the buried stem with a heavy object to stop it from being unearthed.
Monitor the soil to ensure it stays damp. Once new roots form on the stem after about two months, you can remove it from the parent plant and transfer it into your garden or pot.
Unlike cutting, layering lets the propagated stem continue to receive nutrients from the parent plant while developing its own root system. As a result, the success rate is higher.