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This TikTok Hack Makes Unclogging Your Drain Easy
It seems as if TikTok has a new viral cleaning hack every day, and now we have another trick up our sleeve to unclog a drain. Bathtub drains regularly get clogged due to hair, skin cells, and beauty products, so instead of using Drano or harsh chemical products, try this eco-friendly TikTok hack.
TikTok user @a3araceli shows us how to start the process, starting by running hot water and filling the drain with baking soda. Then, fill the drain with one cup of white vinegar, use a washcloth to cover the drain hole, and after 30 minutes, remove the cloth and run hot water to clear the drain.
This hack proved to be a success, with one user writing, “Yaaaaassssss I have been doing this for years! Haven't had a clog in over 20 years!” Another user shared their experience, saying, “You have to use salt and boiling water to flush; otherwise, the baking soda just clumps and makes the clog worse. I say so from experience.”