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This TikTok Hack Will Easily Get Rid Of Hard Water Buildup On Faucets
The stubborn hard water buildup on your faucet is a real challenge to clean, even with your typical cleaning solutions. However, as TikTok user and cleaning guru @vanesamaro90 explains in their video — which racked up millions of likes — all you need to get rid of these buildups are a rubber band, a Ziploc bag, and some white vinegar.
First, fill the bag with a small amount of white vinegar (enough to cover the faucet head), then position the bag with the vinegar around the faucet head, and secure it with the elastic band. Leave the faucet for 20 to 30 minutes, and you should be able to effortlessly scrub away the buildup with some Dawn dish soap and a toothbrush.
However, one user commented that vinegar doesn't mix well with brass fixtures, while another suggested that this hack could potentially damage your faucet, depending on the finish. Therefore, ensure that the material your faucet is made of can withstand the vinegar soak without any damage before trying this hack out.