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This Unexpected Home Decor Item Has The Best Reviews At Costco
From lamps and nightstands to planters and rugs, Costco’s décor is durable, glamorous, and inexpensive. There's also another home décor item that may be well worth the money, as out of almost 350 reviews, this piece has an overall 4.8 star rating.
Costco shoppers are loving the incredibly lifelike Faux Orchid. It’s so lifelike, in fact, that one woman returned the flowers because she discovered they weren't real – only after watering and taking care of them for some time, and some other reviewers have had similar reactions of surprise.
Faux flowers like the Costco Orchid have grown in popularity in recent years for several reasons. They require less maintenance, are available year round, avoid bringing harmful pollen or other allergens into your home, and are never toxic to pets like some real plants are.