A wasp on a leaf
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This Weedy Plant Could Be Attracting Wasps To
Your Yard
Figwort, characterized by its tall, leafy structure and tiny flowers that can be yellow, purple, or green, might be the reason pesky wasps frequent your yard.
Wasps are attracted to figwort due to its high nectar content, which serves as a vital food source for them. Its presence poses risks, particularly for families with kids and pets.
Identifying and removing figwort can help deter these stinging insects from your outdoor space, as it propagates through rhizomes that can be easily removed
in clumps.
However, if you have plants that benefit from the indirect pollination offered by wasps, consider relocating figwort to a safe distance from areas where you spend
time outdoors.
If figwort is too close to these areas, removing it entirely might be the best option to minimize the risk of wasp stings and ensure the safety of your family.