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TikTok Creator Has A Great Hack For Adding Shoe Storage Without A Rack
If you love buying shoes but your closet is now cluttered, you can turn a pair of tension rods into a shoe rack by placing them horizontally between two walls in your closet.
Leaving shoes scattered around doesn't look good, and it can also attract bugs. A shoe rack will ensure that your shoes are aerated properly and get the attention they deserve.
TikTok home improvement creator @alittlebitoflife__ suggests lining up your shoes along the length of your closet to see how many rods you need, which are $3.50 each from Target.
Lay the rods horizontally across your closet wall until firmly in place to create shelves. Place two rods parallel to each other, a couple of inches shorter than your shoe size.
Elevate the rod nearest the back wall by a couple of inches so the shoes point downward. The backs of high heels must hang off the higher rod with the sole flat on the lower rod.