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TikTok Explains The Major Drawbacks Of Buying IKEA Bed Slats
Some TikTok users advise against buying IKEA Luröy bed slats, claiming that, despite their low cost, versatility, and convenience, they’re difficult to use and don’t stay in place.
TikTokers also complained that IKEA Luröy bed slats are difficult to install on the bed frame and to space correctly, which is essential for them to properly support the mattress.
However, TikTok user @photobrooks explained that a plastic part was needed to attach the slats correctly and securely to the Malm bed frame, and this piece might be missing.
@photobrooks shared that this part can be purchased on Amazon if you search for IKEA part 102267, and a commenter mentioned that it can be obtained free of charge at IKEA stores.