Bathroom with decorative ladder with white towels on its rungs
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TikTok Has A Clever Towel Storage Hack To Save Cabinet Space
Using vertical organization can help free up limited floor space in a small bathroom. This hack lets you ditch a bulky linen cabinet and instead stash your towels on the wall.
TikToker Courtnii Parker used this simple DIY to create compact towel storage in her camper. She purchased two towel bars and installed both of them vertically next to each other.
To create this towel storage rack in your own bathroom, choose the appropriate size towel bars, either 18-inch or 24-inch in length, depending on how many towels you wish to store.
You can choose bars that fit your bathroom’s aesthetic, such as black bars for a modern farmhouse style or ones with decorative flowers at the ends for something more eclectic.
Install the rods vertically with the mounting supplies that came with them. Ensure the rods are close enough together so that the towels can fit without falling out in the middle.