A kitchen with white cabinets.
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TikTok Has A Clever Trick To Save On Your Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade
According to TikTok’s @thislittlelifewebuilt, you can give your kitchen cabinetry a fresh look without breaking the bank by replacing only its doors while keeping its boxes intact.
New cabinet doors typically range from $50 to $500, whereas total cabinet replacement runs anywhere from $2,200 to $25,000, averaging about $8,200 for most homeowners.
Upgrading solely the cabinet doors is a DIY-friendly task, requiring only a few tools. However, additional expenses may incur for paint or wood stain and new hardware.
It also makes sense to replace only the cabinet doors, as they bear the most damage, including dirt and grease buildup, scratching, fading, and wearing from constant touching.
Additionally, the doors are the most noticeable part of the cabinets, so investing only in them allows you to spend money on carpenter-designed custom doors for existing casings.