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Tiktok Is Loving This No-Fold Laundry Hack
Maintaining an organized closet can be hard work, which is why many people are ditching the practice of folding and instead opt for this "no-fold basket" TikTok trick.
This tip comes from TikToker Foster Rose (@fosterrosee), who arranges labeled bins in her laundry room, with each bin labeled according to the garment it holds.
After she washes and dries her children’s clothes, she effortlessly transfers them to the designated baskets, without any folding.
This hack works best for laundry rooms or closets with ample space, but you can easily transform a dresser into a no-fold zone with clear labels.
While critics say the hack may lead to wrinkled clothing, it’s particularly useful for children’s clothes, which will likely get messy or stained shortly after they’re put on anyway.