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TikTok Is Loving This Toilet Seat Cleaning Hack
It’s no surprise that TikTok even has a cleaning hack for the toilet seat. The viral video uploaded by user Sara (@shessunday) will change how you clean your toilet, as she shows how to unclip the toilet seat from the bowl to access hard-to-reach spots.
She shows that you can easily pop up the top of the clips and remove the seat and simply clip it back on when you are done cleaning. However, only some toilet seats unclip in the way Sara showed, so you'll have to check your toilet seat to see if you can use this hack.
Good Housing also has an easy guide on toilet cleaning — start by coating the entire bowl with cleaner and using the toilet brush to scrub it. Disinfect the rest of the toilet using a cleaning spray or wipe, making sure to unclip the toilet seat to get all the hidden grime, and let the spray sit for a few minutes before wiping it off.