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TikTok Shares A Clever Storage
Hack For An Organized Kitchen
The idea for this TikTok hack is to hang your measuring cups vertically on the inside door of one of your kitchen cabinets. TikToker @theflippedpiece described how to do this.
Start by pulling off strips of painter’s tape. Place the pieces of tape horizontally inside of the cabinet door, lining them up to exactly match the shelves.
These are markers so that you can position the cups and hooks to not hit the shelves. You’ll be placing Command hooks right below one of the shelf lines on the cabinet door.
Line up four measuring cups on your counter with half an inch to an inch between them and measure the total width. See if there’s enough room inside your cabinet door for all four.
Mark a place for a hook with a pencil, hold a cup there, and see where it falls. If it’s unobstructed when the door closes, take off the hook adhesive and put the cup on the door.
Use a ruler and mark where the rest of the hooks should go. Once the hooks are fully adhered to the surface, you’re ready to hang the rest of your measuring cups.