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TikTok Shares How To Organize & Display Handbags With IKEA Products
If you’re tired of plowing through piles of purses to find one that matches your outfit, discover a better way to organize them from the TikTok-approved range of IKEA cabinets.
One TikTok tip for storing and displaying your handbags is to use an IKEA Milsbo — a glass-paneled display case that will preserve your collection professionally and stylishly.
The Milsbo has modern angled legs and four shelves, three of which are adjustable. The transparent shelves keep handbags visible while protecting them from dust, bugs, and scuffs.
Alternatives include the lockable three-shelf Fabrikor, similar to the Milsbo but smaller, and the Blåliden glass-door cabinet with glass shelves in a white or black frame.
The lockable Rudsta has glass doors and an opaque back panel, ideal as a showcase, while the three-shelved Baggebo unit with its patterned panels will suit smaller collections.
For a double-door option, consider IKEA’s Billy/Oxberg bookcase or the larger Billy bookcase, which has no doors and can serve as an open-shelf display for large bag collections.