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TikTok Swears By This Bonus Kitchen Cabinet Storage Idea
If you're remodeling your kitchen to create more storage space, consider adding an extra kitchen cabinet by turning the wall next to your refrigerator into a built-in cabinet.
It's common for refrigerators to be nestled into corners to maximize space or at the end of a row of cabinets, with nothing but sheetrock surrounding the exterior side.
Like TikToker @home_and_huffman, turn this unused wall space into a cabinet. Since you're building inwards, cutting into sheetrock, the cabinets won't take up any additional space.
However, it's best to get the upgrade done by a professional so you get high-quality results and ensure your cabinets are properly installed according to specific safety standards.
Additionally, there is electrical wiring inside your walls, which is best handled by professionals. Once they remove the sheetrock's outer layer, they can safely add the cabinets.