Water going down a drain
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TikTok's Aluminum Foil Hack Prevents Grease From Going Down Your Drain
If you tuck aluminum foil into your sink drain, it will act as a cup when you pour out the grease and keep the liquid from going into the garbage disposal and damaging your pipes.
To implement this trick, start with a decent-sized square of tinfoil or pull out a rectangle slightly smaller than your forearm that you can fold in half to double the hold.
Fit the piece of aluminum foil into your drain, so it sits like a cup and lines the entire divot. Grab a pan with leftover grease, and pour it into the tinfoil cup.
You can also place a colander on top of the foil-covered drain, and then tip your food items into the bowl to let the grease fall through the holes into the “cup.”
Once you've trapped the grease, let the fat cool until it hardens. Pull out the aluminum foil from the drain, and wrap the dried grease into a ball before throwing it in the trash.